The green dream

Her hair is braided in beautiful braids, she is always smiling and is laughs easily. She is an African woman and has had much hardship throughout her young life.

Beatrice is 26 years old and living in Kenya. She works at the University of Nairobi, but what might be more important is the fact that she is a girl guide in Kenya Girl Guides Association.

When Beatrice saw climate change affecting her city, Nairobi, Beatrice could not help but take action:

Educating children

The project goes on in primary schools in three different districts in Kenya. The project has three different dimensions. First of all the children in the primary schools get visits from local girl guides. Through peer education these girl guides teach the children how to conserve the land. Another dimension is the planting of trees. This shows that a small action by a child will make a big impact in the future, when there will be green forest all over. The last thing the project works with is education in gardening, making the children more knowledgeable of biodiversity and permaculture.

A billion acts of green

The project is called ‘A billion acts of green’, because it is the hope of Beatrice that it will spread. Not only should it cover more regions in Kenya, but the children, who come in contact with the project, should also spread the idea in their local community – spreading one act to a billion.

Beatrice has a dream:


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