#SaveOurSay in the #FutureWeWant

We are now into part two of the Rio+20 conference process – yesterday the Brazilian government took the text under negotiation and consolidated it. Lots of great things stayed in – like the paragraph on non-formal education that WAGGGS and the major group of children and youth campaigned for – but there were noticeable omissions.

These omissions include language around establishing a high commissioner for future generations and around ensuring the participation of civil society of the Sustainable Development Framework going forward. I am currently sat in negotiations listening to coutries views about this section of the text and there are sympathetic ears out there.

To show the wealth of support for these concepts we are taking to twitter to raise awareness of the importance of these two concepts – inevitably by using a hashtag! If you support children, youth and all members of civil society eing able to inut into this process then please join our campaign by tweeting “#SaveOurSay in the #FutureWeWant” and sharing this blog (and the many others on this topic) through Facebook and email.

Thanks for your support!

Originally posted to: Speak Out, Reach Out, Camp Out

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