Media Darlings

So, we got heard. They put the ‘non-formal education’ in the text. But we also get seen.

The scarf

When we walk around at the Rio +20, we all wear our WAGGGS-scarf. It sure looks nice and we are all very proud to wear it, but it also comes in handy. First of all we can always find each other, at meetings, in the food court or in the hallways. Most important is however that we stand out from the crowd and there are very few people left in the world that do not recognize guides or scouts by their scarf. So most people, if they have met one of us, feel like they have met us all. Just this day, I met a man, who said: “You ask very good questions, please come to my side event”, and I have never seen the man before, so he was probably thinking about another girl guide.

A helping hand

I am guessing you have tried it before. You walk down the street wearing your guide or scout uniform and some random person, who passes you, stops to talk to you, because “I have been a guide once….”. The same happens for us here in Rio. Just today we got help to print by an official delegate from the Seychelles, because he was a boy scout. And Caroline Spelman, the Minister for Environment from UK, met the UK girls today – she has been a guide too.

They loooooove us

The media is also giving us a lot of attention. Just check out these links:

Jane (Australia), interviewed by UN Radio

Caroline Spelman (UK) writes about us in her blog

Photos of Grace (Nigeria)

Germaine (Rwanda) is in the local newspaper (photo)

 Priyanthi (Sri Lanka) in the Asian Tribune

 The tree of visions

We also get a lot of attention, because we help out at the tree of visions. It is a way for people to take positive action on entering Rio +20. Just in the lobby, when you arrive, you will find a big tree on the wall, where everybody put colorful papers, writing their visions for the future. At the tree of visions we have met delegates from Libya, people working at the cafeteria, youth delegates, Asian musicians and a lot of other interesting people. And then it is quite beautiful to look at.

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